Samsung Laptop Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 6000 different laptops. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your laptop model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

  • Original Part Numbers

    AA-MM2DR28/E AA-MM2DR31/E AA-MM3DR26/E
  • Samsung Laptop Memory

    Netbook N145 NP-N145P NP350V5C NP355V5C NP370R5E NP530U3C NP535U3C NP900X4C P200 Pro T8100 Bordoso P460 P460 P500 FA01 P500 FA02 P500 FA03 P500 FA04 P500 FA05 P500 FA06 P500 FA07 P500 RA01 P500 RA02 P500 RA03 P500 RA05 Q35 HXD T7200 Q35 HXD2 T7200 Q35 LXD T2300 Q35 LXD T2300e Q35 LXD T5600 Q35 MXD T2400 Q35 MXD T2500 Q35 MXD T5600 Q35 XIP2300 Q45 LXD T7100 Q45 LXD2 T7100 Q210 AS02 Q210 FA01 Q210 FA02 Q210 FSS0 R60 Plus Blue R70 Aura R70 LWMR T7100 R510-Aura T5750 Melroi R560 AS02 R560 AS03 R700 AS07 RV510 X22 Pro T7500 Boyar X460 AS03